Collagen injections, once a popular treatment, are still used; however, newer injectables are often used to provide longer lasting results. Collagen treatments are mostly used around the mouth. The collagen is derived from either cowhide (bovine collagen) or from human sources. This is an office-based procedure with little to no recovery time. The collagen is injected either into the skin to fill out wrinkle lines, enhance the lips or elevate acne scars.*

Bovine collagen called Zyplast and Zyderm is the most frequently used injectable collagen. Since it is made from cow collagen, it is possible you could be allergic to it. Therefore, a skin test to rule out sensitivity to the collagen is required. It is recommended that you wait four weeks after the skin test before any injections.*

The nice thing about bovine collagen is that the correction is immediate and there is virtually no recovery. You might experience a small bruise or slight swelling after the injections but these are usually minimal. You can apply makeup immediately after your collagen treatment. The most popular areas for collagen injections are the smile lines around the mouth and the lips. The length of effect from collagen injections can vary from 6 weeks to 6 months. The more mobile the area of treatment, the quicker the collagen tends to dissipate.*


The other source for injectable collagen is human collagen. There are several versions of this, either donated and genetically engineered human collagen. Most human collagen is derived from the skin of a human donor. It is processed through a FDA approved treatment to remove all genetic information and to sterilize the implant. Since it is human collagen, a skin test is not required because theoretically you should not be allergic to your own collagen. These types of collagen tend to be more expensive and may require local anesthesia for injection because of the need for a larger needle size for injection. The incidence of swelling and bruising is slightly greater with these types of collagen. One advantage is that some forms of human collagen come in larger particle size and for that reason may persist longer after injection than bovine collagen.*

There are other soft tissue fillers available which may provide longer lasting results. These include hyaluronic acid injectable implants and a genetically engineered form of human collagen.*

*All videos, photographs, and testimonials present possible results. There is no guarantee that your results would be the same, as individual results will vary.