ThermaSculpting – Thermi RF

thermasculpting_logoThermaSculpting uses ThermiRF technology that achieves both improved contouring and tightening in the same treatment for a more reliable, less painful and safer procedure to treat small areas of fat tissue and lifting for patients that do not want to undergo more invasive procedures. As a standalone technology, ThermaSculpting patients will see results in approximately 6-12 weeks as their body naturally flushes out targeted fat tissue and tissues tighten. If combined with liposuction or tickle lipo, patients will see immediate results with improved skin tightening. ThermaSculpting and the Thermi RF procedure is available at The Martin Center in Mobile, Alabama.*


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Radiofrequency (RF) has been safely used in cardiology, pain management, dermatology, plastic surgery and other medical specialities for over 75 years. ThermiRF’s technology allows physicians to precisely locate an area for treatment, and then apply a specific dose of controlled radiofrequency energy to a portion of the targeted area. Utilizing the Thermi RF Platform, ThermaSculpting addresses wrinkle reduction, body contouring, lifting, relaxation of frown lines and skin tightening with both non-invasive and minimally invasive applications.*


The ThermiRF RF system has received 510(k) clearance from the US FDA for dermatological and general surgical applications in soft tissue and nerves.
• Simple, safe, and effective*
• Less invasive technique*
• Less down time*
• Less cost*

thermasculpting_thermi_rf_before_after_mobile_al_2ThermiTight photo courtesy of Leonard Miller, M.D.

Specially designed RF MICRO cannula allow a physician to easily contour “trouble” areas previously difficult to impact, such as Submental, Axillary Fold, Arms, Abdomen and Knees. This is done by placing a MICRO cannula beneath the skin where the ThermiRF Platform allows our doctors to precisely deliver controlled heat to lax connective tissue and adipose (fat) tissue. Adipose tissue once melted is naturally disposed of by the body. The heat also contributes to tighten loose tissues below the skin and skin tightening at the skin’s surface by causing a healing response and responsive collagen synthesis.* Call for your ThermaSculpting appointment at The Martin Center in Mobile, AL.

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thermasculpting_thermi_rf_before_after_mobile_al_3_REVThermiTight photo courtesy of Leonard Miller, M.D.

The radiofrequency MICRO electrode that delivers energy is inserted under the skin through a hollow MICRO cannula. The energy heats the tissue around the tip of the MICRO electrode and the affect is melting fat that is then passed through the body naturally and the heat facilitates skin tightening in the desired area.*

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